Cloud Handler Resource

May 1, 2006 · Print This Article

It turns out the cloud-handler in Torque is rather deficient. Making matters worse it is a part of the ‘’ class, along with many other things that definitely don’t belong there…

In order to fix things, I’m writing a new cloud handler in a new ‘’ Class. When I’m done I’ll be able to rip all the old cloud-code out of In the mean time this has slowed me down ALOT as this is really a project unto it’self. Key New Features Include:

  • Arbitrary number of cloud layers
  • Ability to fade cloud layers independently
  • Ability to fade each independent layer to a specific opacity between 0 and 1
  • Ability to select different source-types for each cloud-layer
    • ie. traditional cloud map
    • DIFFERENT dynamic/random cloud generators
  • ability to create new cloud source-types as a plug-in modules (more or less).


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