Cloud Handler Resource

May 1, 2006

It turns out the cloud-handler in Torque is rather deficient. Making matters worse it is a part of the ‘’ class, along with many other things that definitely don’t belong there…

In order to fix things, I’m writing a new cloud handler in a new ‘’ Class. When I’m done I’ll be able to rip all the old cloud-code out of In the mean time this has slowed me down ALOT as this is really a project unto it’self. Key New Features Include:

  • Arbitrary number of cloud layers
  • Ability to fade cloud layers independently
  • Ability to fade each independent layer to a specific opacity between 0 and 1
  • Ability to select different source-types for each cloud-layer
    • ie. traditional cloud map
    • DIFFERENT dynamic/random cloud generators
  • ability to create new cloud source-types as a plug-in modules (more or less).

Enviro-Torque 2.0 Under Development

March 16, 2006

I’ve realized I need a solid tech-demo to show off what I can do. So for now the job search has fallen to the back-burner while I develop Enviro-Torque 2.0.

Enviro-Torque 2.0 will be an add-on resource for the Torque Game Engine. It is a ground-up re-design/rewrite of an earlier concept, and will be implemented primarily in C++. The idea is to dynamically control all of the different environmental effects built into Torque, to create a more immersive and realistic simulation.

Briefly, the system is implemented on a modular framework. This allows modules to be easily added, removed, or re-implemented as desired without affecting other modules. More impressively, modules can conditionally interact with other present modules without being directly coupled to or dependent on them.

So far the basic framework is about done. I’ve also written a basic calendar module, and am finishing up the first draft of a dynamic weather module.

Future plans include a Celestial Day/Night module which will control both outdoor lighting-levels, and animated celestial-bodies (sun, moon, etc) to create complete day night cycles.