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Cirrus Skies

... is a new 'Cloud Management System' for the Torque Game Engine. It adds new functionality and flexibility, allowing game developers to quickly create beautiful, lifelike and dynamic skies for their games.

Many developers want fine-grained control over the appearance and behavior of their skies. Traditional Torques cloud layers just didn't allow for that, Cirrus Skies delivers it!

Features Include

  • Includes 3 procedurally generated cloud-effects
  • Arbitrary number of cloud layers per mission
  • Ability to toggle and fade all layers independently
  • Ability to set or fade any layer to any transparency value
  • Ability to select different source-types for each cloud-layer's texture
  • Ability to create star-fields and other visual effects
  • Ability to easily create new cloud-layer effects via. sub-classing


System Requirements

This product will initially be available on the Torque Game Engine: TGE-1.5.2. We are currently porting it to the Torque Game Engine Advanced: TGEA-1.8. As soon as more info is available on this, it will be posted.

Now Available

At the GarageGames: Developer Store (under `Tools').
(As of 2/12/2009)

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